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HTMS Chang

The HTMS Chang was intentionally sunk in November 2012 in order to create an artificial reef.  Now one of the best, if not the best wreck dive in Thailand

T11 Patrol Boat

Sunk shortly after the HTMS Chang we hoped it would make a great wreck training dive.

Wreck Dives

Wreck diving often requires Specialist training, especially if the diver wants to explore the inside.

Here we have two wrecks we can dive from Koh Chang.  One of which is probably the best wreck dive in Thailand the other worth a visit as part of visiting another man made feature or navigating back to a reef.

Both can be dived without Special training but the larger one has some challenging dives only suitable for Wreck Speciality divers.

There are two other wrecks 'talked about' in relation to ones around Koh Chang, the HTMS Thonburi and the Pak 1, but neither of them are dive sites which can be dived alongside other recreational dive sites in the area. 

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