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T11 Patrol Boat

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In 1962 a 30 metre long Motor Patrol Gun Boat PGM - 64 was built in Tacoma WA and went into service in South Vietnam in September 1964.  It’s history is then listed as unknown, but the Royal Thai Navy took possession of an identical vessel in the spring of 1965.  A common occurrence during the Vietnam conflict.

 Used for coastal patrol, it was eventually purposely sunk on 17th December 2013 near Koh Chang and now lies some 160 metres due North of Secret Reef and 200 metres East of Blueberry Hill at a depth of 16 metres. 

The condition after sinking was excellent, the boat having ‘cleaned’ to remove any hazardous material and fittings for divers.  A perfect site for Wreck Speciality training being able to traverse the whole length of the boat inside with plenty of easy exits on the way.

Sadly it did not remain that way and though there is a suggestion that there was an explosion.  That was not the case.  Not long after sinking one could see underneath both the stern and bow of the boat. The midship was on a harder bottom suggesting the water movement resulted in the boat breaking it’s ‘back’.

Having broken up it is worth a visit.  There is a resident family of Clarkes Anemone fish nearby and there is always a chance of seeing sand rays or even a Jenkins Whipray near it.  Sweetlips with the name 'Harry Hotlips' are often there.

the dive is commonly used as a starting point for a navigation back to one of the two nearest reefs or a visit to another man made structure of hollow concrete cubes sunk a couple of decades ago to encourage coral growth in the area.

  • Level: Moderate

  • Snorkeling: Not a good site

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