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Secret Reef

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The Experience

Secret Reef is a submerged reef which is the second leg of the horseshoe shaped reef system joining Hin Raab South.  The maximum depth is 12 metres

The mooring line is in the middle of the main rock going down to a depth of 6 metres you will be roughly in the middle of Secret Reef on the southern edge.

Most impressive about the reef is the coral. It probably has excellent examples of every species of coral found in the archipelago. Meandering over the reef you find Blue spotted rays, puffers and box fish, Nudibrancs, turtle and much more.  Resident on top of the reef is a school of Silver Batfish and keep looking up and you may see very big Great Barracuda.

Secret Reef is a very beautiful dive site and awaits you exploring it.

  • Level: Easy

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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