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No Name Reef

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This rarely visited site is situated between Koh Yak and Hin Kuak Ma, a little bit closer to the former.  If conditions are crystal clear, it may be possible to spot the site  from the surface and be dropped off because there are no moorings.  The underwater route is best done from Koh Yak with a guide that knows the route.  It is formed by a few submerged rocks with spread over an area approximately 80 metres x 60 metres.  There is always something to find once on the reef,  Rays, Sand, Blue Spotted and Jenkins Whip, Lionfish, Puffer fish and many more.  Depending on current and  distance to the moorings, a pick up out in the open water is often planned with the boat crew.  Currents can be strong.

Maximum depth 16 metres.

  • Level: Moderate/Hard

  • Snorkeling: Not a chance

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