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National Marine Park

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The sites in the National Marine Park are found to the East and West of Koh Rang, the main island within the park with dive depths ranging from 5 to 25 metres.  

Visibility in high season can be in excess of 30 metres, especially on those sites to the West.  Average visibility throughout the year is around 15 metres.

Travel to them by dive boat takes between 1hr15 and 1hr45 minutes.


As with the local sites, low season weather reduces the occasions we can dive the Western sites but it is rare for the conditions on the Eastern side to prevent us diving at any time.  


The condition of the coral is very good in general but where damage has occurred there has been significant improvement over last 5 or 6 years helped, in part, by the work done by the Marine Park authorities.


The National Marine Park  charges a fee of 400 baht per day for scuba divers and 200 baht for snorkelers for maintenance of the park. There are reductions for Thai National, Residency and Work Permits.

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