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Koh Yak

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Yaks means giant in Thai, a bit of an odd name for a small island, but if you look carefully when approaching from the North you may be able to pick out the giant.  A great site to introduce beginners to tropical reef diving as well as experienced reef divers.  Shallow with lots of excellent coral and abundant marine life.  Often see Cobia and Lionfish here as well as schools of fusiliers and yellow tail barracuda and much more.  There a few off-site  coral outcrops worth looking at and it is also the starting point for an underwater visit to 'No Name Reef' for those that know how to find it. Moorings aplenty around this site as it is also one of the more popular sites for snorkelers.  Shallow to 4 or 5 metres on the west bot more comfortable at 6 to 15 metres around the rest of the site.

  • Level: Easy

  • Snorkeling: Very good

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