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Koh Tien

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On the western side not far from the Pinnacles off Koh Rang this island site was devastated in the last couple of decades by coral bleaching and/or human interference.  Many who visit that have not been there for a while remark how well the recovery is going on what was once reputed to be one of the prettiest sites in the area.

Most of the dive site is sheltered from the open sea by the island itself with 3 or 4 moorings between the island and Koh Rang meaning that the entry and exit points down to 6 or 8 metres are very safe.  Trying to go all the way around the island is can be a challenge because on the western side it is exposed to possible currents.

Place to see Jenkins Whip Rays and Titan Trigger fish, Boxfish, Sweetlips amongst others.  Some unusual yellow ringed Bamboo Coral can be found on this site.  Maximum depth 16 metres.

  • Level: Easy/Moderate

  • Snorkeling: Good safe snorkeling.

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