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Hin Raab South

Hin Raab South, a long, narrow flat rock, some 80 meters long

Secret Reef

A fully submerged rock formation known as Secret reef (not a secret though...) 

Blueberry Hill

Submerged rock 150 metres from Secret Reef.  It is surrounded by coral gardens.

Hin Luk Bat

A rock in the shape of an upturned bowl marks the top of this site

Hin Rua Tek - Banana Rock

Exposed rock lying between Bang Bao and Koh Klum

Hin Raab North

The most northerly site we visit off the West coast of Koh Chang

Hin Sam Sao

Exposed rocks some 200 metres from Hin Raab North

Koh Chang Coral

The coral sites we visit the most are the ones local to Koh Chang.

Journey times are 30 -40 minutes to those local sites.

Up to three different dives that can be done on some of the sites! 

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