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Hin Rua Tek - Banana Rock

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The Experience

Banana Rock  can be seen on the surface, positioned in the channel between our village on Koh Chang and the nearest island, Koh Klum.  Mooring is usually a dropped anchor on the western side away from the reef which will sit at 18+ metres. The divers then move closer rock on the surface to do a free descent to the edge of the reef at 15 metres.  Looking East you then have reef leading up to a wall which amongst other features has a cave, too narrow for a diver but where you will often see  stingrays.  Lionfish and pufferfish are often found on this site along with most of the other life we can see.  One particular coral is a Spiral coral 0n the wall side which is getting longer and longer.  The eastern side of the reef can be very shallow when doing a tour around it so often traverse deep then shallow along the western  Exploring the other side makes a good second dive on this reef exploring the coral gardens as they slope away from the main rock.

  • Level: Easy/Moderate

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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