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Hin Raab North

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The Experience

Two exposed roughly wedge shaped rocks sitting close together with a channel between them.  The narrow part of the wedges are very shallow (3 or 4 metres) on the northern side with the deepest water (12 metres) on the 'face' of the wedges. the mooring at 8 metres deep is just off the eastern side in a large area of coral garden. Back and forth across the face of the rocks and a look at the coral garden is the usual plan for this dive.  A very large Stellar Puffer fish is resident here, Harlequin Sweetlips along with many of the other species seen in these waters.  We dive this site and close by Hin Sam Sao less often than the others because most of the time our scheduling includes the HTMS Chang.  Visibility is also a factor because of their location and we dive the two of them occasionally on a day to include Hin Luk Bat. 

  • Level: Easy

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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