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Hin Prai Nam

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This site is rather isolated from the other sites.  It is not actually in the designated Marine Park area, but it's closest neighbours are.  Sitting about 30% of the distance roughly North of the Marine Park heading to Koh Wai, it is a not often visited.  That may be the reason that Leopard sharks have been spotted here!  Two large rectangular submerged rocks separated by a gully, the maximum depth off the rocks to the West is 18 metres, to the East shallower to a maximum of 12 metres.  It is always a speculation to find a mooring buoy on it, but if we get to the site we can drop anchor off the western side of the reef.  Whilst,  no doubt, we can see  much the same marine life as anywhere else, searching this isolated reef may well reward us by seeing creatures life not usual elsewhere.

  • Level: Moderate/Hard

  • Snorkeling: Not really a snorkel site

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