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Hin Kuak Ma - Three Finger Reef

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Some 200 metres on the Eastern side of Koh Rang is Three Finger Reef a narrow almost North to South rock and coral formation around 150 metres long. So named because the western side is straight but the eastern side has 3 coral 'fingers'. A good plan when currents, as they do often, run along the reef is to go with the current down the western and against along the eastern so that th fingers provide protection from current.  Schools of One Spot Snapper are resident but Bamboo sharks under coral and Indian Walkman in the sand away from the reef can be spotted by the eagle eyed.  A decade or so ago Blue Staghorn Coral was artificially planted on top of the reef and has created a large expanse of it.  It looks good but may have restricted the groeth of other species.  Maximum depth 18 metres off the norther end but mostly 12 -15 metres around the reef.  There are three mooring buoys near the northern end of the reef.

  • Level: Moderate/Hard (when currents)

  • Snorkeling: Good when sea conditions allownorkel site

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