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Hin Gue Duang

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Also known as The Pinnacles.  On the western fringe of the park it is the deepest of the coral sites.  Huge boulders dominate the deep western and overlook coral gardens on the shallower eastern side.  Any of the big fish we may see in the area can be seen and it is one place to find Elegant Surgeon Fish but also home to the destructive Crown of Thorns. Eagle Rays(rare) Stellar Puffer fish, scorpion fish, on the rocks even flatheads have been seen here.  The mooring isolated and often missing so 'drop offs' are common.  The boat has to avoid the rock because most of the time it is just under the surface. Maximum Depth 26 metres.

  • Level: Moderate to Hard

  • Snorkeling: Not a good idea!

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