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Hin Raab South

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The Experience

Hin Raab South, a long, narrow flat rock, some 80 meters long which was, reputedly, once used as target practice by the Royal Thai Navy. It forms one ‘leg’ of a horseshoe shaped reef system.

The site is covered in both hard and soft coral with abundant staghorn coral, leather coral, whip coral, table coral, barrel sponges, anemones ........... 

Your start your dive on a mooring at a depth around 6-7 meters and can reach depths of around 18 metres on the southern end of the rock.  Most of the life on the Marine Life page can be seen here, but notably Hawksbill turtles are common, keep looking up to see the odd enormous Great Barracuda and show some respect to the Titan Trigger fish and they will leave you alone.

A second dive can easily be done from this mooring over the large area forming the 'front' of the horseshoe joining it to Secret Reef.

  • Level: Easy/Moderate

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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