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Hin Luk Bat

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The Experience

A rock in the shape of an upturned bowl marks the pinnacle of this site which is a large circular site with a clearly defined edge at around 15 metres.  Two mooring lines down to 12 metres close to the edge of the reef make sure that whatever the surface current, the boat is safe from the rocks. When conditions are at their best this is our most spectacular site. Looking in any direction away from it you will see the seabed sloping away  with many small outcrops of different coral where you may find much of the marine life, but in particular look for Cuttlefish, Razor fish and Bent Stick Pipefish.

Surrounding the reef you will see some big schools of small Yellowtail Barracuda, Fusiliers, Snappers, Trevally (in particular African Pompano), individuals such as Chevron and Great Barracuda.  On the reef itself there is a resident Emeror Angel Fish, and most of the species you can see elsewhere. Those with the patience to look carefully will find Nudibranc.  There is a substantial garden of soft anemones on one side of the reef.

There are some simple swim throughs that can be found here.

This site, because of it's circular shape, size and depth, can be considered as three sites each of different depth - shallow 1 - 9 metres, base of the reef 10 - 15 metres, and off the reef at 15 - 20 metres.

Strong currents are more often here than the other sites,

  • Level: Easy/Moderate/Challenging

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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