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Certified SCUBA Divers dive with an instructor or divemaster. If you have not dived for some time then we will be happy to get you back into the water at no extra charge. to the normal fun diving rate.


As a certified Freediver we have all the necessary  equipment to allow you to challenge your skills safely.  


Snorkelers are welcome on board the boat if they first of all understand it is a dive boat.  We are careful to brief snorkelers on the suitability sure See the page for more detail.


We offer daily Fun Diving that typically includes dives at the scintillating HTMS Chang wreck and nearby vibrant coral gardens, as well as regular trips to the National Marine Park. As part of our commitment to your great experience, we limit diver group numbers to four and a dive master or instructor and aim to combine divers by their qualifications and skill levels.  

Welcome Snorkelers and Free Divers! Join us and explore the amazing Koh Chang marine environment above and below the water.  

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