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Koh Chang Coral

The coral sites in this archipelago are some of the best preserved in Thailand. The recent pandemic brought many divers here who had not experienced them before - they  say  our  coral is the best in Thailand

Wreck Dives

We have two wrecks we can dive easily from Koh Chang.  The HTMS Chang is probably the best dive wreck in the country.  Wrecks provide a window in history and there is more information about other, not easily accessible, sites. 

National Marine Park

Most of the time we visit the local sites.  The Marine Park and the HTMS Chang cannot be visited on the same day.  Local and Marine Park sites have the same quality, so when divers have explored all the local sites, we tend to go to the Marine Park.


Some of the best preserved coral in Thailand can be found on the sites in the archipelago which we visit.

 Maximum depths are 30 metres and visibility, though variable, allows us to dive all year round.

The coral sites we visit the most are the ones local to Koh Chang and occasional we go to the National Marine Park.

Journey times are 30 -40 minutes to the local sites, add another 60 minutes for the Marine Park.

We also have two wrecks we can dive from Koh Chang, one of which being is probably the best wreck dive in Thailand.

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