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The Boat and the Team

The Boat

Meet our trusty Dive Boat, a converted fishing vessel that has been repurposed exclusively for diving adventures. It used to serve tourists in the past, but we've revamped its layout to create a dedicated dive boat experience.


We take pride in keeping things intimate and efficient, despite being licensed for 24 passengers, we only allow 12 guest divers on board. This ensures everyone has ample space to move around comfortably, especially on the spacious upper deck, where you can kick back and relax.


Safety is of utmost importance, and all the emergency equipment is securely stashed in the captain's cabin. Don't worry about refreshments either – we've got you covered with drinks, cookies, and food on board. You'll also find a marine toilet conveniently located at the stern.


Our small group size pays off in spades as we're quick to get underway, often being the first ones to arrive at the dive sites. Prepare for an unparalleled experience exploring the underwater wonders.

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The Team

Now, let's introduce you to the fantastic crew. Meet Captain Bo, hailing from Bang Bao village, who knows these waters like the back of his hand. His boat-handling skills have earned him rave reviews from satisfied dive customers.


Then we have Boat Boy Adun, a Buriram native, who quickly forged a strong bond with the captain and adapted to the role of a diving boat boy with ease. Adun's engineering prowess also comes in handy for general maintenance.


Lastly, there's Naam, a Koh Chang resident from Buriram. Although not actively sailing with the crew, she plays a crucial role in liaising with the local community. Her connections ensure that everything we need for the boat is promptly ordered and delivered. Plus, her ties to Adun as his sister add a touch of family warmth to our team.


Get ready to set sail with this reliable crew on our top-notch Dive Boat, and let's dive into an unforgettable underwater journey together!

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