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Hin Tai Nam - Blueberry Hill

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The Experience

Not far from Hin Raab and Secret Reef lies another rock/reef formation, Hin Tai Nam. Exploring around this reef you may reach 18 metres.  The mooring is in the centre of the main rock down to a few metres depth from the surface.

There are a number of gullies, cracks and small caves in the rocks. Great hiding places for big groupers, shrimp, moray and stingrays. The reef is surrounded by large areas of coral gardens and southwest of it is a smaller submerged rock.  There is a very large school of fusiliers which seems to made this reef its schoolhouse.  Probably the reef we have seen turtles most often.

The reef and surrounding gardens means at least 3 largely different dives can be done from this mooring.

  • Level: Easy/Moderate

  • Snorkeling: Great when sea conditions allow.

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